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November 2016
Volume: 13 Number: 11
Articles: 19

pg. 2
Gamble in Las Vegas, Not in Your Pharmacy!
pg. 4
ISMP's Best Practices for Medication Safety
pg. 10
Medical Marijuana Use in Patients with Cancer
pg. 20
Managing Environmental Monitoring Excursions
pg. 24
Environmental Monitoring Trends
pg. 28
Survey Compliance Challenges from The Joint Commission
pg. 52
Product Spotlight: PhaSeal CSTD from BD
pg. 54
Proposing a New Pharmacy Position: The Pharmacy Technologist
pg. 58
Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Smart Pumps
pg. 60
Pharmacy's Role in BCMA
pg. 62
Non-Sterile Hazardous Drug Handling in the Pharmacy
pg. 68
New at ASHP
pg. 74
Best Practices for Compounding Garbing
pg. 84
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 88
Implementing Drug-Specific Chemotherapy Preparation Checklists
pg. 94
Pharmacy's Role in Curtailing the Opioid Epidemic
pg. 104
Approaches to Syringe and IV Bar Coding
pg. 108
Automating Staff Scheduling
pg. 112
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

QuVa Pharma, Inc, a national platform for compounded sterile preparations (CSPs), offers a consistent, reliable supply and exceeds industry standards for ... read more

BD announces the release of the Pyxis Enterprise Solution (ES) system, an enterprise-ready, scalable, Web-accessible platform specifically designed to ... read more

Kirby Lester announces an update to its flagship tablet counter line, the simple KL1 and the advanced KL1Plus with scan-verification plus counting, which ... read more

Maxpert Medical introduces the MAXCRUSH E200s automatic pill crusher, a hands-free, portable, battery operated pill crushing solution. Designed to deliver ... read more

CAS DataLoggers presents the Lascar EL-BT-2 Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger, which measures and stores up to 500,000 temperature and humidity ... read more

NABP and CriticalPoint have partnered to create a certification program, titled Sterile Compounding Inspector Training (SCIT) for State Board Inspectors. ... read more

Contec CritiGear clean-room frocks are specifically designed for USP <797> compounding applications where fiber and particulate contamination is ... read more

Terra Universal introduces an ergonomic, dual-level gowning bench for comfortable donning of cleanroom coveralls, booties, and other garb. The bench features ... read more

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals presents 100% nitrile, latex- and powder-free Pharma-Gloves, which meet and exceed USP <797> and <800> regulations. ... read more

Perfex Corporation introduces the TruCLEAN sponge mop, designed for use in a cleanroom or sterile environment, making it ideal for applying disinfectants ... read more

Terra Universal presents ULPA-filtered, adjustable airflow containment glove boxes to control and remove powders and aerosols. The plastic glove boxes ... read more

CAS DataLoggers introduces the new IPlug PDF single-use temperature data loggers from SwiTrace for recording temperature and/or humidity in storage and ... read more

Cold Chain Technologies presents a solid phase change material (PCM) to maintain the integrity of drugs and vaccines during transport. The new Koolit advanced ... read more

Fresenius Kabi announces the availability of daptomycin for injection, a generic alternative to Cubicin. The drug is available as a single-dose vial containing ... read more

ARxIUM announces RxWorks Pro software, an open architecture platform designed to increase patient safety and workflow efficiency by providing inventory ... read more

Medi-Dose/EPS’s high-alert line-tracing labels enable traceability for all IV and catheter lines for any medication. Pharmacy places the entire label ... read more

Ateb, Inc’s transitional care solutions help reduce readmissions and utilize Medicare transition care management (TCM) billing codes. The solution ... read more

Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc releases new metric-only dosage cups, which meet the latest Institute for Safe Medication Practices recommendations for metric ... read more

Emporos Systems announces it has achieved EMV certification by integrating an EMV-approved payment middleware solution, Vantiv triPOS by Vantiv Integrated ... read more

Health Care Logistics presents the high-alert paralytic agent bin, a solution designed to segregate neuromuscular blockers from all other medications, ... read more

Cleanroom Connection offers cleanroom apparel and consumables to protect staff working with hazardous drugs. The extensive line includes USP <800>-compliant, ... read more

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) offers the first official PTCB calculations practice questions app for iOS and Android devices. Released ... read more

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) presents the updated official PTCB practice exam, the only practice test authorized by PTCB. Designed ... read more

Maxpert Medical introduces the MAXCRUSH M200 cup pill crusher, a portable, light, compact device that combines an ergonomic handle and a buffering and ... read more

Grifols introduces KIRO Oncology, a robotic system with engineering controls for safety, compliance, efficiency, flexibility, and ease-of-use throughout ... read more

Kimberly-Clark Professional presents Kimtech Pure A7 ankle-high shoe covers, which help reduce contamination and decrease slips and falls. The covers protect ... read more

Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces the Kimtech Pure A4 sleeve protector, which provides barrier protection to shield workers and the workplace from ... read more

Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc offers four styles of tamper-evident syringe bags to help pharmacists and nurses provide protection for IV and oral syringes. Available ... read more

Sensaphone introduces the Sentinel system, which provides 24/7 remote monitoring of pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators. The system detects a problem, ... read more

Technical Safety Services, Inc announces a new series of USP <797> and USP <800> compliance Webinars. TSS’ Andrew King will pre­sent ... read more

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