May 2016

New & Noteworthy

Automated Compounding Device

B. Braun features the APEX Compounding System, a macro- and micronutrient compounder that helps optimize the safe preparation of customized parenteral... Read more

Automated Dispensing Cabinet

ARxIUM’s MedSelect Flex is a customizable automated dispensing cabinet that helps reduce medication errors, control costs, and increase staff productivity.... Read more

Bar Code Printer System

Microscan Systems, Inc presents Microscan LVS print quality inspection systems, monitoring systems designed to monitor label quality as labels are printed... Read more

Cleanroom Mop

The Klean Max mopping system features a patented, pivoting mop head with built-in microfiber ridges and a polyester core designed to deliver disinfectant... Read more

Formulary Software

Aesynt presents the Formulary Toolkit, a program designed to enable cost-effective access to clinical data and expert consulting services to enhance adoption... Read more

Hazardous Drug Storage Cabinets

TBJ offers vented hazardous drug storage cabinets that comply with USP <800> guidelines. The cabinets can be vented to a building’s exhaust... Read more

Intravenous Seals

Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc offers Steri-Tamp IV seals specifically designed to protect IV bags, vials, and syringes from tampering and contamination. When... Read more

Medication Adherence Solution

Medisafe and Omnicell announce a partnership to combine the benefits of the mHealth mobile application and SureMed blister cards, offering pharmacists... Read more

Medication Packaging System

ARxIUM introduces FastPak Elite, a versatile oral-solid medication pouch packaging system that provides modular configurations and limitless formulary... Read more

Operating Room Waste Disposal System

Cactus’ PharmaLock operating room kit ensures proper disposal of unused portions of DEA controlled substances. Like the Cactus Smart Sink, PharmaLock... Read more

Oral Liquid Tamper-Evident Vials

Health Care Logistics offers Tamper Tuf vials with caps, which provide a tamper-evident solution for extemporaneous unit dosing of oral liquid medications.... Read more

Sterile Nitrile Gloves

Contec announces CritiGear sterile nitrile gloves specifically designed for sterile compounding applications. The gloves are USP <800> compliant,... Read more

Temperature Monitoring Kit

The Accsense vaccine storage temperature monitoring kit enables monitoring of vaccine temperatures in medical refrigerators and freezers and helps protect... Read more

Transitional Care Solutions

Hospitals face daunting financial pressures due to Medicare readmission penalties. While studies show that pharmacists can reduce preventable readmissions... Read more

Unit-Dose Products

American Health Packaging introduces two new products to the unit-dose line, Mucinex ER Bi-layer 600 mg tablets and Imatinib Mesylate 100 mg and 400 mg... Read more

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