May 2017
Volume: 14 Number: 5
Articles: 10

pg. 20
Building a Pharmacy Revenue Integrity Program
pg. 10
Constructing an Oncology Pharmacy
pg. 28
Limiting Hazardous Drug Contamination
pg. 38
New & Noteworthy
pg. 40
New at ASHP
pg. 2
Preventing Diversion in Physicians' Offices and Clinics
pg. 34
Proposing The Center for Integrated Pharmacy Education
pg. 1
Seek to Make Your Voice Heard
pg. 26
Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Unit-Dose Packaging
pg. 8
Unit Dose Market Watch
New & Noteworthy

Ensuring that 340B practices remain compliant with the myriad rules and regulations can be difficult. Covered entities must recognize which areas of ... read more

Kit Check announces its new Shelved Inventory Module that uses RFID technology to help manage shelf stock. RFID tags are placed on bins where extra-tagged ... read more

The Kimtech A7-certified liquid barrier gown from Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers stringent liquid barrier protection against spills and splashes ... read more

Fagron Academy launches an online portal with continuing education courses for compounding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Located on the Fagron ... read more

Medi-Dose/EPS adds several products to its IV accessory line. Male Luer slip plugs are designed for any compounded product or procedure that requires ... read more

Timestrip UK Ltd manufactures irreversible time and temperature indicators via its Timestrip PLUS range, covering temperature thresholds from -20°C ... read more

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