January 2024

New & Noteworthy
Automated Dispensing Service

The Central Pharmacy Dispensing Service from Omnicell can be utilized to address labor challenges and improve clinical and financial outcomes. As labor... Read more

Sterile Chemo Gown

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals presents a sterile chemo gown for ISO-Class 5 cleanrooms, which is manufactured to be compliant with current USP <800>... Read more

RFID Labeled Medication

Fresenius Kabi announces +RFID smart labels for Diprivan (propofol) Injectable Emulsion, USP, 200 mg per 20 mL in single-dose vials, sold in the United... Read more

New US Facility for Premix Bag

Xellia Pharmaceuticals has received approval from the US FDA for the manufacture of premix bag products at its facility in Cleveland, Ohio. Production... Read more

Refrigeration Information Center

The i.C3 Advanced Information Center from Helmer Scientific has passed cybersecurity vulnerability testing in conformity with UL 2900-2-1 connected medical... Read more

Calcium Gluconate Injection

Somerset Pharma, LLC, a US-based pharmaceutical company specializing in sterile injectables and ophthalmic products, announces the introduction of calcium... Read more

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