October 2011

New & Noteworthy

340B Program Management

The AutoSplit 340B fully managed solution from Talyst is a management service comprising experts on all facets of the 340B program. This service offers... Read more

Biometric Access

McKesson\'s AcuDose-Rx automated medication dispensing cabinets ensure nurses have fast, easy, and secure access to the medications their patients need... Read more

Built-in NIST Calibration

The VersaTrak auto-NIST calibration (ANC) feature from Veracity Group allows users to set prescheduled NIST calibration tests for any single or group of... Read more

Compounding Aseptic Isolator

Terra Universal\'s all-stainless steel BioSafe compounding aseptic isolator meets USP <797> requirements for sterile compounding by providing a Class... Read more

Contained Medication System

The ONGUARD Contained Medication System with TEVADAPTOR components from B. Braun is a closed system drug-transfer device that helps protect clinicians... Read more

Disposable Disc Filters

IV Disposable Disc Filters from EPS, Inc are now available in three sizes: 0.2 micron, 0.45 micron and 1.2 micron. All EPS Disposable Disc Filters are... Read more

Drug Interactions Application

Thomson Reuters introduces the Drug Interactions application for Micromedex, their clinical decision support software solution. This application allows... Read more

Electronic Surveillance Application Update

Pharmacy OneSource has added new improvements to Sentri7-a Web-based, enterprise-wide electronic surveillance application-that help hospital staff identify... Read more

Hybrid Medication Delivery Workstation

The 1760Rx hybrid mobile workstation with SecureRx Med Module from Metro is a mobile automated dispensing cabinet (ADC). This system combines access to... Read more

Medication Labels

To complement its LiquiDose Butterfly labels for syringes, ampules, and small containers, EPS has introduced five new colors to call attention to medication... Read more

Medication Reconciliation Solution

RxAuditor 360 from Medacist Solutions is an accurate, almost-real-time drug auditing system that enables hospitals to reconcile prescription-dispensing... Read more

Pressure Monitoring Sensor

FreshLoc introduces the Differential Pressure Sensor, a sensor for decontamination rooms, cleanrooms, compounding rooms, and any other area in the pharmacy... Read more

Smartphone Environmental Monitoring Application

Rees Scientific introduces the new Centron SQL software build 1016, a software application that allows customers to access their Centron environmental... Read more

Sterile Pre-saturated Wipes

PROSAT sterile wipes from Contec are nonwoven and pre-saturated for use in sterile environments. These melt-blown polypropylene wipes are pre-saturated... Read more

Temperature Data Logger Software

LoggerPulse from Marathon Products is a software solution for managing and analyzing multiple temperature loggers from unlimited sites within a facility.... Read more

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