New & Improved!

February 2012
Volume: 9 Number: 2
Articles: 14

Sample Premix and Compounded PN Order Forms
pg. 1
Are Shortages the New Norm?
pg. 2
Standardize Parenteral Nutrition Using Commercial Premix
pg. 8
Building Charge on Administration into BCMA
pg. 10
Triaging Drug Shortages
pg. 14
Pharmacy's Role in Managing Influenza Vaccines
pg. 21
Trends in Managing Flu Vaccine Waste
pg. 22
Managing Drug Library Updates
pg. 26
Using ADC Technology to Prevent Diversion
pg. 30
Ready-to-Use IV Product Watch
pg. 32
Current Trends in IVIG Therapy
pg. 38
OmniRx G4 ADCs from Omnicell
pg. 40
New & Noteworthy
pg. 44
A Multi-Hospital Formulary & Drug Information Website
New & Noteworthy

Metro\'s MedDispense series now offers the NurSync feature allowing clinicians to remotely select and queue patient medications, quickly and securely, ... read more

CareFusion announces the Pyxis ES platform, the next-generation of Pyxis solutions that enables meaningful integration with health care IT systems. The ... read more

The Baker Company introduces the BioChemGARD e3 biological safety cabinet (BSC). The BioChemGARD e3 is a class II, type B2 BSC that is engineered to contain ... read more

Talyst introduces the refrigerated AutoCarousel HD, a secure, automated storage and pharmacy-grade refrigeration technology that ensures medications are ... read more

Epson announces the SecurColor on-demand inkjet label printer, a solution for hospital pharmacies looking to implement accurate and cost effective color ... read more

MTS Medication Technologies introduces the PillVue color labeling system. Created for pharmacies that pre-package oral solid medications and want to prevent ... read more

Pevco Smart Seal, a heat seal bagging system integrated within a pneumatic tube station, helps guard against spills and protect fragile pneumatic tube ... read more

H.L. Coshatt Company provides a complete modular pharmacy fixture product offering. True modular and flexible pharmacy component applications will help ... read more

Senior Care from Aprexis supports medication therapy management (MTM) consultations that focus on optimizing seniors\' use of medication, and identifies ... read more

LDT Health Solutions offers LDT-CV, a Compounder Verification program. Subscribers to the LDT-CV program receive independent quality reports annually to ... read more

Schedule OneSource from Pharmacy OneSource is a web-based program that helps pharmacy directors generate and manage staff schedules with real-time data ... read more

BD AutoShield Duo, a 5 mm safety-engineered pen needle from Becton Dickinson, is designed to protect health care workers and patients from needle stick ... read more

MedKeeper introduces the latest version of ez797 to document USP <797> requirements. This version includes bar code printing capabilities, multiple ... read more

The Cactus Smart Sink is designed to safely and easily dispose pharmaceutical waste that would otherwise be discarded in a sharps container, waste bin, ... read more

VersaTrak from Veracity Group offers built-in, patent-pending Auto-NIST Calibration (ANC), which allows for pre-scheduled or on-demand automatic NIST calibration ... read more

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