Resealable and Ultraviolet-Inhibitant Bags
Labels & Packaging Supplies

EPS announces an expansion to its line of resealable and ultraviolet-inhibitant bags. Resealable bags are now available sized from 1.5” x 2” to 18” x 24,” in either clear or with a white writing block. Assorted handling instruction bags have been added, with imprints such as “return to pharmacy,” “patient discharged,” “oral,” “freeze,” and “IV.” EPS also offers two sizes of crash-cart bags to deter tampering with crash-cart box contents. These bags help health care practitioners organize and maintain exchange boxes while keeping them clean and secure in storage. Also available are resealable narcotic return envelopes and syringe bags marked as chemotherapy, biohazard, laboratory specimen, or tamper-evident.

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