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Pharmagard NR797 Hazardous Compounding Containment Isolator
CAIs/CACIs (Compounding Aseptic Isolators & Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators)
The PharmaGard NR797 is a negative pressure recirculating barrier isolator that meets the requirements of the USP Chapter <797> for the preparation of sterile products.

  • Class 100 [ISO level 5] clean air work area 99.99% HEPA filter
  • Negative Pressure recirculating airflow minimizes the possibility of hazardous materials escaping the work area.
  • True Laminar Air Flow Minimizes air turbulence / cross contamination
  • Excellent visibility into work area - expanded vision zone
  • Two-part flexible work gloves
  • Large glove ports allowing a larger range of motion - ergonomically enhanced
  • Removable stainless steel work trays
  • External cool white lighting reduces glare and interior heat build-up
  • Large transfer chamber with sliding door
  • Hinged access window offers complete access to work zone to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Interior IV bar with two settings
  • Mobile and adjustable with optional castored base stand
  • Ability to sit or stand at a range of heights
  • Will fit through standard door
  • Fresh air enters cabinet through HEPA-filtered access port
  • Exhaust air exits cabinet through HEPA-filtered exhaust port
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