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Airegard 301 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
LAFWs (Laminar Air Flow Workbenches)
An Airegard 301 horizontal laminar flow cabinet is an ideal solution for laboratory testing, manufacturing inspection, low risk pharmaceutical compounding and more. Ergonomic design innovations give the Airegard 301 laminar flow cabinet exceptional comfort in the most demanding environments. Customize an Airegard 301 today.

Leak-Free Airflow
NuAire has specifically designed the Airegard 301 laminar flow cabinet with a unique HEPEXâ„¢ Zero-Leak airflow system. This exclusive innovative feature of NuAire laminar flow hoods ensures consistent airflow and HEPA filter loading, significantly improving filter life.

An Ergonomic Solution

Proper laminar flow cabinet ergonomics will significantly improve process accuracy. That's why comfort and confidence are built into the Airegard 301. A work surface splash-back protects the HEPA filter, while exceptional knee-space and radius work surface provide comfort to laboratory technicians.


Only a NuAire laminar flow hood can be customized to meet your specific application needs. Choose from UV Lamps, taller filters, wider work surfaces, stainless steel work surfaces and more. Contact a NuAire laminar flow hood design engineer to customize an Airegard 301 today.
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