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Airegard 201 Benchtop Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
LAFWs (Laminar Air Flow Workbenches)
The Airegard 201 horizontal laminar flow hood is specially designed to provide the ideal particle-free, bacteria-free, clean-air environment needed for laboratory work testing, manufacturing, inspection, or pharmaceutical procedures. The exclusive design innovations built into the NU-201 will provide exceptional performance in the most demanding environments.

Ergonomic Design

Features like a radius front work surface, removable front grill for easy cleaning, and rounded corners make the AireGard 201 an excellent choice. The AireGard cabinets also have more options & accessories to build the product to fit your requirements.

Universally tested. NuAire products don't just meet or conform to requirements and standards, they have been tested by an independent company and proven to meet or exceed test specifications.

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