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Airegard 126 PCR Workstation
LAFWs (Laminar Air Flow Workbenches)
The Airegard 126 vertical laminar flow hood is designed to provide process protection. The Airegard 126VLAF will provide the ideal particle-free, bacteria-free, clean air environment almost every laboratory procedure requires. Choose the Airegard 126 vertical laminar flow hood for your life science, pharmacy, small animal or plant research needs.

The Right Solution.

Whether you are compounding low to medium risk preparations for pharmacy distribution, amplifying DNA or RNA, or just need extra precaution protecting a sensitive process, the Airegard 126 PCR workstation is right for you. By utilizing world-recognized vertical laminar airflow, the Airegard 126 protects work in-process from contamination. NuAire has even eliminated airflow turbulence by adding a slotted air return in the rear of the cabinet.

Ergonomically Sound.

Ergonomics are built into every detail of the Airegard 126, which significantly improves operator comfort and process accuracy. Clear acrylic sidewalls, dual service ports, and front filter replacement are just a few reasons the Airegard 126 pcr workstation is the perfect laboratory solution. The Airegard even fits comfortably on a cleanbench.

Your processes are sensitive, and so are we. Choose from a variety of options including an Ultra-violet (UV) lamp, front panel enclosure, shades, and more. Contact a NuAire design engineer to customize an Airegard pcr workstation for your laboratory needs today.

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