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Labgard 813 Vented Balance Enclosure
LAFWs (Laminar Air Flow Workbenches)
The Labgard 813 class 1 vented balance enclosure provides personnel protection in a portable manner+. Personnel can safely handle aerosols and particulates of low risk within the enclosure.

Break the Cord.

Service ports on each side of the balance enclosure act as an excellent pass-through for electrical cords and more. By decreasing clutter in the work area, we've improved user comfort and risk for user error.

Easy Access.

A hinged clear acrylic viewing window both protects lab personnel and provides an unobstructed view of work in-progress. When placing materials in the work area, simply flip the window up for extra room.


NuAire prides itself in providing excellent customized laboratory equipment solutions. That's why the Labgard 813 balance enclosure can be built to meet your specific requirements. Joiner kits are available to build extended-width balance enclosures. Contact NuAire to learn more.

+ Balance enclosure portability requires a base stand with casters.

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