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Storage and Retrieval System
Outpatient Pharmacy Automation

The Storage and Retrieval System (SRS) manufactured by ScriptPro offers a solution for automating and organizing pharmacy’s will call process. A single SRS automatically stores prescription will call bags within its secure cabinet while occupying a modest footprint. By using bar code controls, SRS efficiently retrieves the correct prescription(s), ensuring patient safety. The enclosed cabinet eliminates open access to prescriptions in storage and tracks user access, extending the chain of control over medications until they are dispensed to the patient. This increased controlled access to batches containing CIIs through CVs as well as unscheduled drugs, furthers drug accountability and security. Offering simplicity and efficiency, a single unit optimizes storage capacity and labor productivity. With easy installation and comprehensive training, ScriptPro’s SRS minimizes the need for staff interaction, helping to save time.

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