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Blizzard Ultralow Under-Counter Freezer
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NuAire’s Blizzard NU-99100 -86°C Ultralow Freezer provides a 100 liter (3.5 square-foot) capacity for reliable storage of vaccine vials, samples, and more while occupying a small space. Able to maintain temperature uniformity of ±5°C at -80°C, the unit features a simplified LED display screen, a quadruple gasketed outer door, two interior steel mini-doors, and produces visual and audible alarms. The compressor motor utilizes nontoxic hydrocarbon refrigerants and operates at a quiet 47 dB(A) while maximizing energy efficiency. The unit can store up to 28 COVID-19 vaccine boxes, or 5460 vials, and comes with a 3-year parts and labor warranty in the United States and Canada.

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