For all your label and bar code needs!

o Edit Label Designs On-Screen
o Add Shapes and Images to Your Labels
o 1-D and 2-D Multi-Part Bar Codes
o Configurable to Your Workflow
o Electronic Log
o Easy to Network
o Works With All Medi-Dose and LiquiDose Labels
o Windows 7 / 64-bit compatible

Our flagship software, MILT 4 by Medi-Dose, was designed to manage the printing of labels and packaging of unit dose medications. Using our Lid-Label Covers, LiquiDose, Mini-LiquiDose, Butterfly and Line Tracing Labels, you can easily and clearly identify and, if desired, bar code all your medications.

With MILT 4, we've greatly expanded the formatting options so you can design your labels any way you want. Bar Codes, Graphics, Special Fonts, Tall Man Lettering, Shapes, Logos and Symbols were all added to call attention to important dispensing information, helping minimize medication error.

Bar Coding has never been easier than it is in MILT 4. All common types of bar codes are supported - 1-Dimensional (1-D, linear) and 2-Dimensional (2-D) Multi-Part codes have been included (e.g. PDF417 and Data Matrix). You can construct your bar code your way. Incorporate whatever information your BPOC or BCMA system requires --- NDC, Lot Numbers, Beyond-Use Dating, Hospital Codes, Wholesaler Numbers.

In addition, MILT 4 supports our new line of direct thermal printer labels. Thermal versions of our Lid-Label Covers, LiquiDose, Mini-LiquiDose, Line Tracing and new Butterfly syringe labels are all supported. Now, you can print just what you need and design your labels any way you want.
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