Fluidose Series 5
Liquid Unit Dose Packaging Machines

MPI’s Fluidose™ Series 5 Unit Dose Packaging System is MPI’s next generation automated, bar coding packaging solution for unit dose oral liquids.
This solution assists the pharmacy in decreasing packaging costs,
increasing operational efficiency and reducing medication errors and is
available with two filling options, either the Syringe Pump or optional
Baxa® pump.

  • Produces up to fifteen (15) doses per minute dependent on fill rate.
  • Packages in three (3) cup sizes (15ml, 25ml, 35ml).
  • In-stock
    blue and red cup colors available to enable color coding of controlled
    or refrigerated medications; custom colors available.
  • Complies with JCAHO regulations for dispensing liquid medication.
  • Disposable materials are made of FDA approved high density polyethylene.
  • Includes MPI’s exclusive WinPakâ„¢ Windows®-based software package.

MPI’s Fluidose™ Series 5 Unit Dose Packaging System for oral liquids assists the pharmacy by:

  • Decreasing Costs –
    • Automatic
      packaging of bulk liquid medication into unit dose is more cost
      effective than buying products pre-packaged from the manufacturer.
    • 12-month expiration from date of packaging extends the usable shelf life of medication.

  • Increasing Efficiency –
    • Produces up to fifteen (15) doses per minute depending on fill rate.
    • Available
      in three different sizes (15ml, 25ml, and 35ml); in-stock inventory of
      blue and red cups to assist in color coding of controlled medications.

  • Reducing/Eliminating Errors –
    • Barcode/Scan Check – Scanning bulk bottle before packaging verifies proper drug.
    • Tall-man Lettering – Helps reduce “looks alike, sounds alike” errors.

  • One year limited warranty included. Extended warranty and preventative maintenance agreements available.
  • tested and approved.

  • Automatic low fluid detection; machines pauses packaging when fluid level reaches preset limit.
  • Touch screen control panel for quick and easy access to packaging system operations.
  • Purge feature which cancels the label and clears the system for the next packaging job.
  • Disposable FDA grade tubing.
  • Quieter operation.

  • Fluidoseâ„¢ Series 5 ships standard with syringe pump; Baxa® Pump option available.
  • 220VAC option available for international customers.
  • 1D and 2D barcode scanners available for scanning bulk medication.
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