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Tamper-Evident Syringe Caps
Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc
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Medi-Dose/EPS announces TampAlerT tamper-evident syringe caps, ideal for use with controlled substances, chemo-therapeutics, or medications requiring special handling. The syringe caps are designed for Luer lock syringes larger than 1 cc. Each cap contains a clear Luer lock closure protected by a colored, tamper-evident, breakaway sleeve. Once attached to the syringe, the closure can only be removed when the outer sleeve is broken. The tray has been formed with an integral wrench construction, which allows the practitioner to attach the sterile cap directly to the syringe while the cap is still sitting in its tray. The syringe is then twisted onto the cap and both are removed from the tray, minimizing touch contamination.

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Entry published in PP&P November 2012