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Compact Robotic Filling Systems
Inventory Management Automation

ScriptPro announces two additional size options for its Compact Robotic System (CRS) line of robotic prescription dispensing systems: the CRS 150 and the CRS 225. The robots interface with the pharmacy management system to fill, label, and deliver up to 150 prescriptions per hour. The systems contain 75, 150, or 225 universal dispensing cells that can be quickly and easily calibrated on-site by pharmacy staff. The risk of drug cross contamination is removed as the CRS fills directly from the dispensing cell into the vial. The robots print and apply the prescription and auxiliary labels, and deliver uncapped vials for final inspection and on-screen drug image verification. The space required is just 9.5 sq ft for the CRS 150 and 12.1 sq ft for the CRS 225.

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