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USP announces a new publication, the USP Compounding Compendium, a complete, yet focused, electronic compendium of United States Pharmacopeia—National Formulary content designed specifically for the compounding practitioner. It offers compounding standards and information, including the complete text of five essential general chapters for compounding. These include USP <795> Pharmaceutical Compounding—Nonsterile Preparations, USP <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile Preparations, USP <1160> Pharmaceutical Calculations in Prescription Compounding, USP <1163> Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Compounding, and USP <1176> Prescription Balances and Volumetric Apparatus. More than 170 monographs for compounded preparations are included, plus the full text of more than 40 general chapters that are referenced in those five compounding chapters.

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