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May 2016

Intravenous Seals

Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc

Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc offers Steri-Tamp IV seals specifically designed to protect IV bags, vials, and syringes from tampering and contamination. When applied, the seal’s medical-grade foil outer layer provides immediate visible evidence of a needle puncture. Removal of the outer layer leaves a printed warning that reads “OPENED” on the container, which immediately alerts the practitioner that the medication has been accessed; once removed, the seal cannot be reapplied. Designed to withstand freezing temperatures down to -20°C, Steri-Tamp’s powerful adhesive seal provides a 100% sterile barrier. Vial seals are available in three colors and sizes, 13 mm red, 20 mm silver, and 28 mm blue. Bag seals are available in red, blue, and yellow with a “CHEMO” imprint, and in a green belly button style. Red syringe seals provide tamper evidence for syringes and other medication packaging. All Steri-Tamp products are packaged in a convenient USP <797>-compliant dispenser.

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