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June 2010

Compounding Aseptic Isolators

NuAire, Inc

NuAire announces several updated ergonomic features to its PharmaGard series of compounding aseptic (CAI) and containment (CACI) isolators. Engineered upgrades to the in-work-zone sharps and waste system use individual pull-down-and-out trays, creating the ability to independently change each sharps and waste contain- er as needed. Located under the work zone, the pull-down- and-out feature repositions the container closer to the pharmacist allowing for less effort when changing. When replacing containers, the locking mechanism helps create an airtight seal to maintain a true ISO Class 5 environment. In addition, an improved, vertical sliding, counter balance inter-chamber window creates a seamless transition when introducing compounding materials to the work zone. Other ergonomic features include auto-lift base stand, oversized oval glove ports, cool white lighting, and three IV bar locations.

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