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December 2018

Customizable Opioid Blister Pack

Keystone Folding Box Co.

Keystone Folding Box has developed a modified, customizable version of its Ecosite-RX prescription blister package to address the opioid epidemic. In an effort to combat dependency and overdoses, the design of the Ecoslide-RX allows doctors to prescribe smaller quantities of opioid medication via limited days of dosing presented in blister packs. By providing numerical identification of each dose, the packaging eliminates the possibility of pill-count errors. It includes a reclosable locking feature that offers a safe and streamlined experience. Child-resistant yet senior-friendly, Ecoslide-RX can be adjusted to accommodate patients with dexterity issues. Additionally, its broad format allows for pictographs and larger texts on all sides for easier patient instruction and accessibility. Plus, comprised of 100% recyclable paperboard, the packaging separates easily from its internal blister for recycling.

Keystone Folding Box Co.

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