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March 2019

Compounding System for 503B Pharmacies


ARxIUM presents the cGMP RIVA IV compounding system for 503B central-fill, hospital, and outsourcing pharmacies. A fully automated cGMP system, it prepares syringes and IV bags in an aseptic ISO Class 5 environment and aims to provide medication safety, quality, and monitoring. The cGMP configuration allows pharmacies to implement RIVA’s safe and efficient compounding process, and the system offers environmental monitoring and logging functions to meet regulatory requirements for 503B pharmacies. Integrating with cleanroom environmental monitoring systems, it will stop compounding if adverse conditions occur. Direct input is added to the monitoring system about current operational status; for example, the system automatically records if RIVA is in production or if its doors are open. It also logs when RIVA is being cleaned, which eliminates the need for users to manually record the activity.


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