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April 2019

Medication Adherence Packaging

QS/1 - Smith Technologies

QS/1 pharmacy management software offers the M108 label routine for medication adherence packaging to help improve patient compliance. Pharmacies can fill a variety of medications, along with directions for use, and apply them to the specialized medication adherence packaging. Available through IntegralRx, the packaging allows medications to be grouped by day and the time of day each group is to be taken. Pharmacy staff assembles the bi-fold blister card by filling the prescriptions, putting the medications in the appropriate slot, and sealing. The pharmacy then prints and applies the M108 label to the compliance packaging and delivers it to the patient. The detailed label serves as an additional reminder to patients of what prescriptions to take and what time to take them. Formatted to work with the IntegralRx packaging, the label can include the patient’s name, drug, an image of the drug for easy identification, and any warning messages, with an option to also include a picture of the patient.


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