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April 2019

Temperature Alarm

Hampshire Controls Corporation

The Model 140 refrigerator/freezer temperature alarm from Hampshire Controls is a versatile, single-probe, digital temperature monitor that spans a range of -200°C to +400°C. Using various sensors made in the United States, standard alarms include audio and visual notification, user-adjustable high and low set points, mute period, initial delay to alarm, test alarm switch, Velcro mounting strip, application-specific temperature sensor with 10-foot lead wire, and UL-listed power supply. Optional features are back-lit display, password protected parameters, readout in degrees Fahrenheit, NO/NC relay with programmable delay period, battery backup, 4 to 20 mA output, RS485 interface, Ethernet interface, external contact closure input for door alarm switch or other function, and custom programming and packaging for OEM applications. Product bottles, mounting brackets, and automatic telephone dialers are available upon request.

Hampshire Controls Corporation

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