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April 2019

Automated Medication Dispensing


ARxIUM’s automated medication dispensing system, MedSelect Flex, offers new reporting and analytics capabilities, designed to increase pharmacy safety and manage workflow while reducing costs. The system now includes the user-friendly MedSelect Performance Dashboard, which provides a simple, concise data view that is automatically synchronized across the system and offers live status updates to the pharmacy. The dashboard allows pharmacists to view real-time performance of the system’s individual units, including inventory levels, expiration information, and more. MedSelect gives pharmacists more flexibility to create customized reports; as a result, users can access artificial intelligence-generated suggestions and visualizations to conduct data searches in any direction, complete instant calculations, and perform other functions with one click. Additionally, the system can store data for up to 10 years in a multi-cloud platform and offers seamless integration with Microsoft Excel to automatically create and distribute reports.


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