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November 2019

Spill Kits

Sharps Compliance, Inc

The Hazardous Drug Spill Control Kit from Sharps Compliance is a USP <800> compliant kit for the cleanup of chemotherapy and other hazardous drug (HD) spills. As an all-in-one solution for cleaning HD spills, the base-level kit contains the minimum components required by USP <800> to clean an HD spill: absorbent powder, absorbent pad, chemosorb pad, scraper/scooper, antiseptic towel, safety goggles, N95 respirator mask, shoe covers, hair and beard cover, HD exposure form, chemo-bio wipe, hazardous waste chemo drug liner, gown and gloves, hazardous waste summary sheet, caution sign, and instructions for use.

Sharps Compliance

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