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January 2022

Waste and Returns System

Codonics, Inc

Codonics offers WasteLog, a controlled substance waste and returns system to detect and prevent drug diversion. Designed to deliver fast, accurate results, the system enables in-house pharmacy to quickly assay drugs and create new calibrations. The cloud-based system identifies the medication and concentration from a small sample of the waste (0.3 to 0.5 mL) and is excellent at detecting low concentrations, such as Fentanyl 5 and 10 mcg/mL. On-screen pass/fail results present in real-time and can be shared with third-party diversion analytics software. When integrated with the Codonics Safe Label System, wasted syringes can be scanned directly into the WasteLog System electronically, documenting the drug and concentration to improve workflow.

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