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February 2022

USB Temperature Logger

Accucold Division, Felix Storch, Inc

Accucold’s DL2B is a USB temperature logger designed for use with a variety of refrigerators and freezers. As an NIST calibrated temperature probe, it is encased in a glycol-filled bottle to better simulate the temperature of refrigerated items. Users may set their own recording intervals, and the device can store up to 32,000 groups of data through its internal memory, or up to 4 GB using the included USB flash drive. Offering accurate logging, the device delivers a measurement uncertainty of ±0.09°C. The LCD display screen provides a continuous display of the minimum, maximum, and current temperatures, and for durability, the logger is encased inside a steel housing. Additional features include password protection, audible/visual high/low temperature alarm, 120V DC power adapter, backup battery, and start delay recording function.

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