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April 2022

Tamper Evident Caps with RFID Technology

International Medical Industries, Inc (IMI)

IMI releases the Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Cap for ENFit and oral syringes with incorporated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to help ensure medication safety. The DoseID RFID Technology is certified by Auburn University RFID Lab’s ARC Program. RFID technology enables real-time scanning that optimizes inventory management, efficiency, and medication safety while creating quantifiable supply chain benefits by providing item level inventory visibility throughout the entire medication lifecycle. Combining RFID technology with the Tamper Evident Cap can enhance workflow efficiencies, eliminate time-consuming manual inventory control processes, aid with growing regulatory demand, and supply a comprehensive strategy to prevent, detect, and resolve drug diversion events. The incorporated RFID technology also can offer a reduction in RFID implementation costs.

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