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November 2022

Pass-through Refrigerator

Helmer Scientific

Helmer Scientific expands the GX Solutions cold storage product line to include new pass-through refrigerators. Offered in both single and double door models, the pass-through design allows access from both sides of the unit for convenient access to stored products. Optional interlock door technology is available, electronically locking the doors on one side of the unit when the opposite side is opened, supporting USP <797> compliant environments. The refrigerators are designed to recover quickly after frequent or prolonged door openings. The units maintain temperature stability using variable-speed compressor technology to limit overall temperature deviations and provide safe and dependable storage. Given their energy efficiency, the units help to reduce operating costs and support energy use reduction initiatives; in addition, the refrigerants are environmentally friendly and are designed to have no impact on ozone depletion.

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