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January 2023

Temperature Monitoring System

T&D Corporation

The TR7A Series, introduced by T&D Corporation during the COVID-19 pandemic to help monitor vaccine storage and transportation, was developed to maintain all the features of the TR-7wb series, such as multi-communication methods and the ability to auto-upload to the cloud, while also adding an array of CDC compliant features and functions for temperature control of vaccine storage. It offers automated record keeping, eliminating the need for health care staff, pharmacists, or lab managers to manually check and record storage temperatures throughout the day. In addition, it helps avoid spoilage by providing remote monitoring, which alerts staff when temperatures are in danger of falling outside of approved ranges. The TR7A offers features such as an LCD display that allows simultaneous display of two channels, an easy-to-see alarm icon at the onset of a warning, and maximum and minimum values displayed in the LCD, all designed to make it easy to understand the temperature and humidity extremes.

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