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January 2024

RFID Labeled Medication

Fresenius Kabi USA

Fresenius Kabi announces +RFID smart labels for Diprivan (propofol) Injectable Emulsion, USP, 200 mg per 20 mL in single-dose vials, sold in the United States. The labels are now fully compatible with all major radio-frequency identification (RFID) kit and tray systems nationwide. The launch is part of Fresenius Kabi’s +RFID portfolio of fully interoperable labeled medications. Having adopted GS1’s EPC Tag Data Standard (TDS) to enha-nce interoperability, Fresenius Kabi continues to promote the use of RFID label technology, as it eliminates the need to tag medicines manually, ultimately saving time and supporting a safer, more efficient medication inventory process.

  • Fresenius Kabi USA
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