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March 2012

Flag and Receipt Labels

Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc

Medi-Dose/EPS introduces the new LiquiDose Flag and Receipt Labels for medications packaged and dispensed in syringes, ampules, tubing, suppositories, and odd shaped bottles. The flag label has a large two-sided printing area, with a long, thin tail that attaches the label to an item. Using Medi-Dose MILT 3.0 software, information can be printed on the tail of the flag that wraps around the dispensed medication. Every flag includes a receipt that can be applied to charts, records, or the original packaging for tracking and accountability, or can be used as a secondary label. Available for either laser or direct thermal printers, the LiquiDose Flag and Receipt Labels have been designed to accommodate any medication container. These flag and receipt labels ensure accurate labeling of medications, and allow the pharmacy to comprehensively identify and bar code everything in the patient-medication distribution chain in an easy and economical way.

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