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January 2010

Mobile Medication Management System

Omnicell, Inc
Omnicell, Inc introduces its Mobile Medication Management System, a fully integrated, closed loop, transportable solution that extends and secures transportation of medi- cations from the automated dispensing cabinet to the patient’s bedside. Featuring Omnicell’s Anywhere RN and SafetyMed software, this solution streamlines administrative processes related to medication administration, and gives nurses more time for patient care. Anywhere RN enables remote access to many automated dispensing cabinet functions, while SafetyMed verifies the “five rights” of medication administra- tion at the point of care. The Omnicell Mobile Medication System offers guiding lights technology and advanced two-dimensional bar code capabilities for patient identification and medication administration verification. The closed loop solution also enables real-time reconcilia- tion by identifying which medications have been administered compared to what has been issued from the automated dispensing cabinet.
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