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December 2012

Automated, Needle-free, Hazardous Drug Compounding System

ICU Medical, Inc

The Diana Hazardous Drug Compounding System from ICU Medical is a needle-free, user-controlled, automated compounding system for the safe reconstitution and preparation of hazardous drugs. Designed to keep patients and clinicians safe from hazardous drug exposure during chemotherapy preparation, the system also keeps drugs safe from exposure to outside contaminants. The microbiologically and mechanically closed design of the Diana System is accomplished through a series of needle-free components, including closed vial access devices, needle-free closed male Luers, and needle-free connectors. These components attach to all containers that dispense or receive a drug during the compounding process. The Diana system is designed to facilitate both low- and high-volume preparation of drugs, fits inside biological safety cabinets, and complements existing pharmacy workflows. The system also provides automated checks and reminders to improve workflow efficiency and safety.

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