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December 2012

Outpatient Storage and Retrieval System

QS/1 - Smith Technologies

The RetrieveRx will-call storage and retrieval system from QS/1 helps eliminate the clutter and guesswork of storing and locating filled prescriptions in your outpatient pharmacy. Integrated with QS/1\'s NRx and PrimeCare Pharmacy Management Systems, RetrieveRx electronically organizes prescriptions, assigns them to bags for quick and easy retrieval, and then highlights the prescription bag that needs to be picked up. As an integrated part of QS/1\'s Pharmacy Management Systems, users have the flexibility to modify RetrieveRx to fit any facility\'s needs. Integration eliminates time-consuming redundancies that occur between systems from different vendors. The system aids customer service by allowing staff to answer price and pick-up questions right from their workstations. Additionally, returns are easy to manage with RetrieveRx. The system highlights the prescription bags that need to be returned to stock. One mouse click in the pharmacy management system voids a transaction and reverses actions related to the transaction, including claims, workflow records, IVR callouts, and inventory.

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