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February 2010

Medication Access for Uninsured Patients

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health, Inc introduces its eRecovery Onsite service, which enables hospitals to completely outsource the process of enrolling uninsured patients in manufactur- ers’ patient assistance programs at no up- front cost to the hospital. Many pharmaceuti- cal manufacturers offer assistance programs that provide patients who meet specific requirements with access to free or dis- counted medications. Taking advantage of these programs allows hospitals to reduce their overall drug spend by not having to absorb the cost of those patients’ medica- tions. Each pharmaceutical manufacturer has different program qualifications and application processes, which can make en- rolling patients a difficult and time-consum- ing process for hospitals. Hospitals that use the eRecovery Onsite service also are able to reduce uninsured patient re-admission rates, as participating patients are better able to adhere to medication guidelines prescribed by their physicians.

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