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December 2015

Compact Automated Dispensing Cabinet
The Pyxis Mini system is a smaller automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) solution for securely managing the limited medication inventories required in alternate... Read more
Disinfecting Wipes and Cleaning Solution
PREempt RTU solutions and wipes provide one-step cleaning and disinfecting and are ideal for pharmacy cleanrooms and sterile compounding. Patented Accelerated... Read more
Medication Return Envelopes
Sharps Compliance’s TakeAway Medication Recovery System envelopes are a convenient disposal option. These prepaid, tamper-evident envelopes allow... Read more
Outsourced Compounding Services
QuVa Pharma, Inc, a newly formed national platform for sterile compounding pharmacy services, acquired the assets of Unique Pharmaceuticals, Ltd, including... Read more
Surface Disinfectant
Pharma-D surface disinfectant is an EPA-registered, validated sterile cleaner and disinfectant available in 16 oz ready-to-use spray bottles. It is a quaternary... Read more
Temperature Controlled Shipping Containers
The KoolTemp GTS Instant Shipping System’s evaporative cooling is a powerful, easily portable shipping system that arrives ready to activate and... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
The WSG30 system from Sensaphone is a Web-based temperature monitoring system that provides low-cost, 24/7 remote monitoring of freezers and coolers that... Read more
Temperature Sensors
E-Control Systems, Inc (ECS) introduces a new line of sensors to complement its wireless temperature monitoring system. The new sensors accurately monitor... Read more
Transitional Care Solutions
Hospitals face daunting financial pressures due to Medicare readmission penalties. While studies show that pharmacists can reduce preventable readmissions... Read more
Unit Dose Packager
Euclid Medical Products introduces its Blister Cadet packaging machine, featuring improved convenience and functionality with fewer required tool changes... Read more
Vertical Storage System
Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse system is ideal for storing dialysate and other preformulated solutions. The high-density storage system consists of shelves... Read more

November 2015

Automatic Dispensing Cabinets
Aesynt announces upgrades to AcuDose-Rx, including electronic medical record (EMR) integration, new remote queuing, and wasting features to facilitate... Read more
C2 Locking Cabinets
Nor-Lake Scientific introduces Uniweb’s C2 locking cabinets, which offer secure, organized spaces for a variety of uses. These cabinets can be equipped... Read more
Chemo Sleeve Liners
Aseptic Enclosures offers chemo sleeve liners that provide protection from possible chemical permeation through the isolator sleeve. The sleeves have elasticized... Read more
Cleanroom Goggles
Nitritex Group LTD introduces BioClean Clearview sterile, single-use goggles constructed from lightweight ultra-soft PVC for comfort and safety. The goggles... Read more
Compact Freezer
The Evolve 1.83 ft³ compact freezer, powered by Phononic’s SilverCore solid-state refrigeration system, delivers precise temperature control... Read more
Generic Capsules
Following approval by the FDA, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories announces the launch of esomeprazole magnesium delayed-release capsules USP, 20 mg and 40... Read more
Kit and Tray Management Solution
Inmar presents MedEx TraySafe, a kit and tray management solution that automates replenishment and improves safety by ensuring all the contents are correctly... Read more
Medication Tracking Software
Kit Check introduces Management and Operational Reporting Everywhere (MORE), a robust, multisite reporting analytics and data visualization solution built... Read more
Patient ID Bar Coding App
Korchek Technologies announces that the CareChek positive patient ID bar coding suite is now available in the Apple iOS app store. The release of the mobile... Read more
Pneumatic Tube Liners
Atreo Services introduces a collection of foam liners for its leak-resistant, 6-inch pneumatic tube system carrier. The new sealed carrier provides leak... Read more
Storage Containers
Akro-Mils announces the expansion of its line of super-size AkroBins with the addition of a new gray color. The large capacity, plastic bins securely stack... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Kanomax introduces CIMscan, a complete, easy to install, customizable solution for facility monitoring. Sensors are available to track temperature, humidity,... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Edstrom Inc introduces Pulse, which provides critical, 24/7 monitoring of temperature, humidity, and light for environments and equipment, including ultra-low... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
ELPRO announces the release of its new Central Monitoring System (CMS) software, elproMONITOR. The software is GAMP 5 validated and installed on the customer’s... Read more
Temperature Transmitters
Cooper-Atkins provides temperature transmitters, specifically calibrated to conform to CDC requirements for use in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program,... Read more
Thermal Damping Cylinders
Vaisala introduces thermal damping cylinders for vaccine and medicine temperature probes. Common methods of monitoring temperature in refrigerators that... Read more
USP Compliance Seminars
Technical Safety Services (TSS), an ISO 9001-certified leader in testing and certification of cleanrooms and controlled environments, announces a new series... Read more
Wipe Kit
Veltek Associates, Inc, announces Wipedown 1-2-3 kits, which deactivate, clean, and disinfect most hazardous drug surfaces for USP <800> compliance... Read more

October 2015

Air Testing Services
Champion Air Testing is committed to helping facilities keep up-to-date with USP <797> requirements. Services include testing and certification of... Read more
Cleanroom Dispensers
Cleanroom dispensers from S-Curve Technologies Inc keep wipers and solution bottles in one convenient location. The wipers lay flat and protected from... Read more
Cleanroom Mop
The USP <797>-compliant QuicKlean mop with MicroGenesis from Contec offers users a lightweight option for cleaning floors, walls, and ceilings, and... Read more
Closed System Drug-Transfer Device
Corvida Medical’s Halo closed system drug-transfer device (CSTD) has a strong vial attachment that provides complete fluid and vapor containment... Read more
Examination Gloves
Patented blue nitrile exam gloves by Total Pharmacy Supply contain no allergy-causing natural rubber proteins. The gloves are chemical- and puncture-resistant,... Read more
Hazardous Drug Handling Course
CriticalPoint, an industry leader in sterile compounding and customer e-learning programs, has expanded its training efforts to include a live training... Read more
High-Alert Transport Bags
EM Innovations’ reusable transport bags allow high-alert and look-alike/sound-alike medications to be segregated from other medications for safe... Read more
Kit and Tray Management Solution
Inmar presents MedEx TraySafe, a kit and tray management solution that automates replenishment and improves safety by ensuring all the contents are correctly... Read more
Medication Management System
The BD Intelliport system is a medication management solution for IV bolus injections that improves documentation and helps manage the risk of medication... Read more
Medication Safety Software
MedAccuracy’s AU MEDS observation-based medication safety software measures medication administration accuracy rates and identifies system weaknesses... Read more
Pandemic Kits
Facilities planning for pandemic outbreaks, such as influenza or Ebola, can now access PPE quickly and conveniently with prepackaged pandemic kits from... Read more
Shoe Covers
Kimtech Pure A8 Unitrax shoe covers from Kimberly-Clark Professional feature a non-skid design, seamless bottoms, wet and dry splash and particle protection,... Read more
Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Services
QuVa Pharma Inc, a newly formed, national platform for sterile compounding pharmacy services, announces it has completed the acquisition of a manufacturing... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
The FreshLoc temperature monitoring system has been upgraded with an interactive local display, is available in two sizes, and allows administrators to... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
PharmaWatch introduces the Plug-and-Play sensor, a product and a service, designed to continuously and wirelessly monitor storage temperatures while the... Read more

September 2015

Automated Medication Cart
Metro introduces the AccessPoint Rx MD Mobile Medication System, a patient-centric solution that allows caregivers to transport patient-specific medications... Read more
Cold Storage Monitoring System
The Sensaphone Web600 system remotely monitors freezers and refrigerators to protect valuable pharmaceutical products. The system is a cost-effective,... Read more
Diversion-Prevention Consulting
BuzzeoPDMA, now part of IMS Health, builds custom diversion-detection and surveillance-compliance programs to help account for controlled substances; guard... Read more
Electronically Locking Medication Storage Box
Medicus Health announces its new keyless medication storage box with an electronic programmable lock. The medication box provides audio/visual feedback... Read more
Handheld Particle Counter
Kanomax presents the model 3887 three-channel handheld particle counter, an economical tool for spot checks in particle-sensitive areas. The counter is... Read more
Investigational Drug Service (IDS) Software
The McCreadie Group introduces Vestigo, Web-based software for investigational drug service (IDS) management. The software automates many of the manual... Read more
Refrigerators and Freezers
Phononic presents the Evolve product line for cold storage. The refrigerators and freezers utilize Phononic's Silvercore technology, a solid-state system... Read more
RFID Tracking System
Health Care Logistics introduces Kit Check cloud-based processing software, which reduces the 30-minute Kit Check routine to a 3-minute task. The system... Read more
Two-Tone Indicator Bins
Akro-Mils announces the expansion of its line of two-tone indicator bins, a single-bin Kanban system that helps control inventory. A new black/red color... Read more

July 2015

Bar Code Verification Software
Label Vision Systems, Inc, announces enhancements to its LVS 7500 software, which provides print quality inspection and bar code verification for thermal/thermal-transfer... Read more
Human Resources Tracking Software
Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS) announces the launch of HDS Medical License Monitor (HDS MLM), an automated solution for performing regular license verification... Read more
Integrated Enterprise Platform
Omnicell introduces the Unity 19.5 enterprise platform. The new release features two advancements to help streamline medication administration for nursing... Read more
IV Automation Analytics
Aesynt launches REINVENT, a registry that provides health care organizations with IV automation analytics through aggregated compounded sterile preparation... Read more
Medication Disposal
Sharps Compliance introduces the MedSafe DEA-compliant system for disposal of medication, including controlled substances (Schedules II-V). MedSafe combines... Read more
Pass-through Chambers
TBJ, Inc, presents the model PT 30-30-24 pass-through chamber, designed for contamination-free transfer of compounds from one room to another. It can significantly... Read more
Safety App
Mobile Innovations, LLC, introduces WorkplaceAware, a new app that simplifies the reporting process by enabling employees to report safety issues promptly... Read more
Sterile Cleaner
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals' Pharma-Hol disinfectant is available in a 32-ounce spray bottle. The validated sterile alcohol is a 70% IPA/30% USP WFI cleaner... Read more
Transitional Care Solutions
Hospitals face daunting financial pressures due to Medicare readmission penalties. While studies show that pharmacists can reduce preventable readmissions... Read more

June 2015

Compounder Verification Program
LDT Health Solutions offers the LDT-CV program, a compounding verification program that ensures that outsourcing compounders are in full compliance with... Read more
Electronically Locking Medication Box
Medicus Health presents its compact medication box with an electronic programmable lock. The medication box provides audio/visual feedback and warnings,... Read more
Glycol Bottles for Vaccine Storage
CAS DataLoggers announces the availability of glycol bottles to buffer probes and prevent erratic temperature readings and false alarms. For real-time... Read more
IV Workflow Solution
PlusDelta Technologies introduces IVTrac 1.0, an IV workflow and PharmTrac medication tracking solution. The system delivers vendor-agnostic technology... Read more
Label Holder System
Akro-Mils announces the availability of the Kanban Extended Label Holder, which transforms AkroBins and shelf bins into a complete, single-bin Kanban system.... Read more
Narcotic Cabinet
RxShelving introduces a line of keyless narcotics cabinets that feature all-welded steel construction, two adjustable shelves, and keyless security locks... Read more
Pediatric Verification Software
RxScan releases IDBaby mobile for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices, which instantly verifies that the baby's bar coded wristband matches that of the parent's,... Read more
Pneumatic Tube Carrier
Atreo Services presents a single latch, end-opening, 6-inch sealed carrier for safe transport of pharmaceuticals in common, brand-name pneumatic tube systems.... Read more
Prescriber Verification Subscription Service
With access to Healthcare Data Solutions' Prescriber Verification Subscription Service (PVSS), pharmacies can ensure compliance with Schedule II regulations... Read more
Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner
PeridoxRTU sporicidal disinfectant and cleaner cleans and disinfects using a simple one-step process. The product also can be used for hazardous drug decontamination... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Hampshire Controls Corporation offers the MPS, Multi Probe Alarm System. This stand-alone system provides monitoring using up to four probes. Features... Read more
Unit Dose Urology Product
Sagent Urology introduces GLYDO (lidocaine HCI jelly USP, 2%), its first urologic product in the US. GLYDO is a sterile, topical, urological anesthetic... Read more
Window Strip Vials
Health Care Logistics offers calibrated window strip vials that allow users to view the amount of medication inside each container. Vials are available... Read more
Wireless Syringe Infusion Pump
Medfusion 4000 wireless syringe infusion pumps are now interoperable, allowing auto-charting of infusion data into a hospital's electronic medical record... Read more

May 2015

Cleanroom Solution
CleanAir Solutions offers a room-in-a-room solution for USP <797> or USP <800> compliance without the need to upgrade the building. Cleanroom... Read more
Database Application Builder
Asolva's do-it-yourself database application builder, AuditBee, allows the building of medication reconciliation, antimicrobial stewardship, and intervention... Read more
Emergency Department Medication Cart
Metro introduces the Starsys Emergency Department Overflow Cart, which improves the speed of care by combining the storage capacity of a supply cart with... Read more
Growth Media Test Service
BioMedQC offers a new laboratory service to the sterile product compounding industry. VeriGrow provides independent proof that the media staff transferred... Read more
Patient Education and Translation System
First Databank (FDB) and Polyglot Systems announce a partnership to improve medication adherence among high-risk individuals (eg, those with low health... Read more
Sanitizers and Disinfectants
Ready-to-use sterile cleaning products from Health Care Logistics help pharmacy professionals maintain a clean, sterile medical environment, free of contaminants... Read more
Spell-Checking App
Spellex announces the release of the Spellex Medical Spell Checker for Android. This app allows users to simultaneously spell-check medical terms and common... Read more
Sterile Cleaner
Pharma-Hol from Acute Care Pharmaceuticals is a low endotoxin, 70% IPA/30% USP WFI cleaner that removes many surface contaminants and can be used for disinfecting... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Hosting Solution
TempTrak by Cooper-Atkins now offers users the option to have their TempTrak application hosted. A hosted solution reduces start-up entry costs and reduces... Read more
USP Compounding Compendium
USP announces a new publication, the USP Compounding Compendium, a complete, yet focused, electronic compendium of United States Pharmacopeia—National... Read more
Wireless Oral PCA Device
Avancen announces its oral PCA device, MOD (Medication On Demand), is now wireless. MODtrak software enables device programming and data tracking on any... Read more

April 2015

Countertop Wipe Dispensers
Countertop wipe dispensers from Health Care Logistics keep wipes visible and accessible for quick, convenient cleanup in the cleanroom, labs, and patient... Read more
Multipurpose Hanging Bin
The Universal Hanging Bin by Akro-Mils features a full-rim hanging cleat design that allows the bin to be hung from a louvered panel by any of its four... Read more
Pre-Saturated Wipes
ISO-MED Plus sterile polyester and cellulose wipes are pre-saturated with 70% IPA/30% USP WFI. The low endotoxin wipes meet the USP <161> endotoxin... Read more
Transitional Care Solutions
Ateb's patient management solutions drive adherence and enable hospitals to improve quality and reduce preventable readmissions, thereby lowering the overall... Read more
Undercounter Pharmacy Refrigerator
TovaTech offers a 5.2 cubic foot, undercounter pharmacy refrigerator with audible and visual high/low temperature alarming, and a digital LED display of... Read more

March 2015

Automated Dispensing Cabinet
CareFusion\'s Pyxis Mini system is smaller in size than a traditional ADC but fits the unique needs of outpatient settings, such as ambulatory care centers.... Read more
Automated IV Compounding System
The RIVA system by Intelligent Hospital Systems is a fully automated pharmacy IV compounding system that prepares medications for syringes and IV bags... Read more
Environmental Sampler
The Biosentinel from Kanomax detects microbial biomass such as fungi, bacteria, and living microbes in 10 minutes. Using a heating system that serves as... Read more
Handheld Scanners
JADAK\'s flexpoint family of handheld scanners is led by the flagship HS-1M and HS-2 Bluetooth platforms, which allow users to perform everything from... Read more
Precise Filling Pump
The Precifill Precise Filling Pump from Health Care Logistics is an automated solution for filling small volume IV bags, syringes, and liquid unit dose... Read more
Tamper-Evident Syringe Cap
PharMEDium Services announces MEDGUARD tamper evidence for pre-filled syringes, designed to support patient safety and efficiency. This product is designed... Read more

February 2015

Antibiotic Dashboard
Cardinal Health introduces a new tool that helps pharmacists rapidly analyze antibiotic use trends and identify opportunities to improve antibiotic stewardship... Read more
Cleaning Tool
The EasyClean 360 system includes lightweight, maneuverable cleaning tools, as well as laundered polyester knit covers, for efficient cleaning of compounding... Read more
Disinfectant and Cleaner
PeridoxRTU is a ready-to-use, broad spectrum, EPA-registered sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide, and fungicide disinfectant and cleaner for... Read more
Life Cycle Asset Management Software
Minnesota Thermal Science (MTS), a Pelican BioPharma Company, announces the release of its new Credo ProEnvision Asset Management Software application... Read more
Louvered Floor Storage Rack
Akro-Mils announces the expansion of its line of louvered hanging systems with the addition of the new double-sided louvered floor rack, model 30658 (18... Read more
Sterile Compounding Training Bootcamp
CriticalPoint is opening a new facility in Totowa, New Jersey in early 2015. The 5,200 square foot facility features several classrooms, two ISO Class... Read more
Tracking Software for Medication Delivery
By using Track & Trace solutions from Swisslog, material transport and medication management automation integrates to create complete visibility of... Read more
Ultra-Low Freezers
Helmer Scientific announces the i.Series Ultra-Low Freezer line for the storage of biological samples in clinical and research markets. Designed for performance... Read more
Unit Dose Products
American Health Packaging announces Pharmacy Unit Dose Plus. This new line of unit dose products is an extension of AHP's existing unit dose line of bar... Read more

January 2015

2D Bar-Code Scanner
DENSO ADC\'s new SE1-QB Bluetooth, pocket-size, handheld, wireless 2D bar-code scanner is lightweight, weighing 2.1 ounces, and measures 3.9 inches long,... Read more
Capture Hood
The Kanomax TABmaster is a capture hood for accurate supply and return airflow measurements. The unit features a 23 to 2500 cfm (40 to 4250 m3/h) range;... Read more
Cleanroom Mopping System
The Duo Clean Room Mopping System from Vileda Professional-FHP has two sides to clean and disinfect cleanroom and controlled environments. The CleanTech... Read more
Isopropyl Alcohol Solution
CiDehol 70 from Decon Laboratories is a 70% IPA solution that is filtered to 0.2 µm and packaged in ready-to-use trigger spray bottles and several... Read more
Mobile Scanning Device
RxScan introduces the next-generation RxScan Plus Prescription Verifier, a mobile scanning solution that verifies that the selected medication stock... Read more
Pullout Printer Shelf
Hamilton Sorter introduces a pullout printer cabinet as part of its modularCaseworks offerings. The cabinet saves space in tight quarters, such as ambulatory... Read more

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