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September 2021

Ready-to-Use Heparin Sodium in Sodium Chloride Injection

Fresenius Kabi USA

Fresenius Kabi introduces two presentations of heparin sodium in ready-to-administer IV bags. The heparin sodium in sodium chloride injection at a concentration of 2 USP units per mL is indicated as an anticoagulant to maintain catheter patency. These single dose infusion products are available in two strengths: heparin sodium 1,000 USP units in 0.9% sodium chloride 500 mL infusion bag, and heparin sodium 2,000 USP units in 0.9% sodium chloride 1,000 mL infusion bag. Fresenius Kabi’s ready-to-administer IV medication is available in Freeflex bags. These multilayer polyolefin film containers are designed to reduce the user’s steps compared to using vials. The bags use leak resistant technology for safe and simple infusion therapy.

  • Fresenius Kabi USA
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