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December 2023

Chemo Pad and Wipe

Waste & Compliance Management, Inc

RxCarbon, part of Waste & Compliance Management, launches the RxCarbon chemo pad and clean-up wipe to sequester hazardous and controlled drugs. With 150 mL of absorbency, the products are designed with a permeable layer on top, two layers of activated carbon that permanently adsorb hazardous drugs, and a non-permeable poly bottom that has been tested to ensure compliance with USP <800> and meets the standards set by ISO 9073-10 and BS EN 13795 low lint and low particulate matter. RxCarbon can help protect workers, patients, and the environment. Non-sterile pads are available now, and a sterile variant is planned to be released soon.

  • Waste & Compliance Management, Inc
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