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June 2024

New Injectable Products

Baxter International, Inc

Baxter International expands its pharmaceuticals portfolio with new injectable product launches. Norepinephrine bitartrate in 5% dextrose injection in a new 16 mg/250 mL strength is indicated to raise blood pressure in adult patients with severe, acute hypotension. Baxter offers FDA-approved, ready-to-use norepinephrine in dextrose, and now provides norepinephrine in 4 mg/250 mL, 8 mg/250 mL, and 16 mg/250 mL strengths. Other launches include vasopressin in 0.9% sodium chloride injection in 20 units/100 mL and 40 units/100 mL strengths; vancomycin injection, USP, in 5% dextrose in new 1.25 g/250 mL and 1.5 g/300 mL strengths as well as 500 mg/100 mL, 750 mg/150 mL, 1 g/200 mL strengths.

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