Luis Hernandez, RPh

I consider Pharmacy Purchasing & Products the most relevant source for USP <797> compliance. The magazine is unbiased, informative, and reliable!

Bledar Doraci

I have found the magazine to be very informative, and have shared it with many of my colleagues. Writing my article was just a modest way of saying thank you for making Pharmacy Purchasing & Products such a valuable asset for us.

Mike Fotis, BS Pharm

My compliments to your entire team for their preparation and professionalism. Everyone we worked with was terrific.

Janet Easter, RPh

I look through every issue of PP&P for topics relative to our facility. I am especially interested in news about The Joint Commission, USP <797>, medication reconciliation, hazardous medications, and anything that is a hot topic at the moment. The articles are concise, and adaptable to smaller facilities needs. I am happy with the content and find interesting articles in each issue.

Joe Cirillo, RPh

Each issue contains comprehensive information. The August issue, for example, completely covers all aspects of pharmacy automation. The information will help us plan future automation initiatives in our pharmacy and keep us up with the latest available technology. I also appreciate the ads, believe it or not. Sometimes, the ads are my first hint of a new drug, indication, available generic, unit dose, etc. As chairman of the P&T committee, this is very important preliminary information.

John L Feucht II, RPh, MBA

I like the digital version and the articles always seem to address the challenges we are currently dealing with.

E. Thomas Carey, PharmD, RPh

The articles are relevant and timely and are often on issues that most hospital pharmacies are having trouble addressing.

Sylvia Wong, PharmD

The articles are concise and filled with good advice.

Ashley Tortorici, PharmD

The articles give me ideas I can implement in my own practice.

Jeff Little, PharmD, MPH

The articles are extremely helpful, concise, and full of pertinent information.

Ron Schneider, RPh, MHA

I look forward to the special State of Pharmacy Automation issue each year and find the various supplements interesting and effective.

Joanne Kowiatek, RPh, MPM

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is a very informative publication as it provides information on the latest products available for improving medication safety and helping to ensure regulatory compliance. Thanks for being a great resource to pharmacists.

Rory Phillips, RPh

I want to compliment you on an excellent publication. Often I have an issue that I need to dig into more deeply and invariably, when I get your next publication, the issue is addressed.

Scott Waldrop, PharmD, BCPS

I scan PP&P for topics of interest, and find the articles on planning for the impact of future technology and regulations helpful.

John Clark, PharmD, M.S., BCPS

Every month PP&P's informative articles assist me in implementing new systems/programs.

Michelle Miller, CPhT

As a lead tech and buyer, I am a big fan Pharmacy Purchasing & Products. Every issue contains useful information. I commend for your work!

Angela Hoagland, PharmD

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is probably the most helpful magazine I get.

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