The Opioid Crisis: Pharmacy Practices to Prevent Abuse

Friday, September 25 | 1:00-1:20PM ET

Event Information

Jeffrey Swanson, head of sales at Pharma Logistics, outlines how pharmacists can help prevent opioid abuse and overdose. In an effort to prevent diversion and misuse of opioid prescriptions, attendees will learn:
  • How to identify signs that a patient may be struggling with opioid use disorder
  • Best practices for working collaboratively with prescribers
  • How to counsel patients suspected of opioid use disorder
  • Safe disposal methods for unused opioids


Jeffrey Swanson

Jeffrey Swanson holds a BA in communications from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. He is the head of sales at Pharma Logistics, having joined the company in 2016. Prior to his current role, Jeff led the reconciliation, customer advocate, quality control and business development teams. Previously, he was assistant director of sales and marketing and a product consultant for TCGRx.

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