Budgeting for <800> Compliance

Friday, October 19 | 1:00-1:20PM EST
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Assessing costs for USP <800> is an important step in the compliance process. Some facilities may be struggling with new construction versus remodeling, or modular units versus construction. In this webinar, pharmacy workflow expert Bryan Prince will break down the costs associated with these options and will also review how to budget for the necessary cleanroom components. Additional topics covered will include overall capital investment requirements, product longevity, energy consumption, and the overall cost of safety and efficiency.


Bryan W. Prince, MBA

Bryan Prince, MBA, is a compounding workflow and lab designer, and the owner of LabRed Pharmacy Consultants. Specializing in USP <800> compliance, Bryan spent ten years in the building industry and later transitioned to the pharmaceutical engineered containment industry where he has developed extensive knowledge of chemical handling techniques, safety strategies, and facility design. Since 2012, he has had the unique experience of observing and advising compounding pharmacies on industry specific best practices relating to workflow habits and process improvements. Bryan has published numerous articles on compounding pharmacy workflow design and has been the invited speaker at conferences on workflow and USP <800> throughout the United States and Canada for several compounding related companies, groups, and associations. He can be reached at bryankprince@gmail.com.