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November 2011 - Vol.8 No. 11 - Page #78

Double Carousel
Grifols introduces the ComboCell Rx, an advanced inventory storage and control system designed for hospital pharmacy use. Delivering safe, efficient, and secure inventory management, the system’s automated carousel technology provides point-of-use retrieval for high value inventory. Integrated Genesis software enables access, control, and tracking to optimize inventory management, and includes online dashboard report features. The ComboCell Rx includes a range of cost-effective inventory management solutions for different environments and customer needs, including dual chambers as well as refrigerated and ambient temperature storage. A cleanroom version is available with Class 100,000 or Class 10,000 HEPA filtration and a pass-through design. 

Grifols USA
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Safety Pen Needle
BD introduces the new AutoShield Duo Safety Pen Needle. Using passive needle shielding, the AutoShield Duo is designed to eliminate accidental injuries by offering healthcare workers complete protection from both ends of a used pen needle. The device automatically prevents needle exposure after use, and a visual and tactical feedback signal creates dual, automatic, and safety-shield activation without compromising injection technique. Available in a 30 g by 5 mm size, the AutoShield Duo Safety Pen Needle fits all insulin pens available in United States.  

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Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Cooper-Atkins announces the release of TempTrak version 4.5 software and four new Wi-Fi wireless transmitters. The TempTrak software version 4.5 now supports a 32- and 64-bit Microsoft SQL Server, allows a selectable default of Fahrenheit or Celsius, and accepts the configuration of multiple contact transmitters. In addition, a new feature allows notes to be applied to the sensor readings, such as user comments and reference information, which will be saved in the history data. The new Wi-Fi transmitters operate on a standard 802.11 b/g network and are capable of collecting, storing, and transmitting temperature, relative humidity, contact (door open and close), and analog voltage data. Once configured, the transmitters connect to an existing Wi-Fi IP network and send data to a designated server. Each Wi-Fi transmitter includes an onboard memory backup and optional AC adaptor wall plug.

Cooper-Atkins Corporation
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Closed System Transfer Device
Baxa unveils SureConnect, a closed system transfer device for safe and simple preparation and administration of hazardous drugs. In order to help protect health-system personnel from dangerous exposure, SureConnect features intuitive connections that make it easy to learn, fewer components for a less-complicated system, and secure connectors that eliminate the potential for dangerous leaks and spills.



Baxa Corporation
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Mobile Dispensing Cabinet
Swisslog introduces the MedRover mobile dispensing cabinet, a combination of a workstation-on-wheels and a medication dispensing cabinet. MedRover’s flexible storage options and lightweight, ergonomic design can assist hospitals that need to reduce or augment existing stationary cabinets. Each unit holds patient-specific medications, floor stock, and supplies in storage containers that can hold various product sizes and shapes, from IV bags to blister packs. A triple-lock system and secure wall dock allow for the transport of medications, including controlled substances, directly from the pharmacy to the patient’s bedside for verification and administration.

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Agar Paddles
Q.I. Medical is expanding its EnviroTest line of surface, gloved fingertip, and air testing agar paddles. The new ET3000 incorporates a specially formulated growth media designed to detect most yeast, molds, and fungi. This media contains malt agar, yeast extract, dextrose, lactic acid, antibiotics, and water. In addition, per USP Chapter <797>, it contains lecithin and polysorbate 80 to inactivate cleaning agents. Shelf life is 12 months at room temperature. Each box of ten paddles contains gummed labels, directions for use, and a log sheet to record test results.

Q.I. Medical, Inc
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Unit Dose Packaging System
Pentapack announces the new HP550 unit dose packaging system designed to package any solid dose medication, including tablets and capsules, into unit dose at the rate of 180 units per minute with a packaging material cost of less than one cent per package. The HP550 can also package a variety of liquids ranging from inhaler refills at less than 1 mL to pediatric liquids of 30 mL from the same rolls of packaging material. All Pentapack systems support the McKesson PROmanager-Rx packaging system requirements.

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Electronic Health Record Solution
MetaCare Enterprise EHR offers a powerful yet affordable enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) solution. It enables closed-loop medication ordering, enhanced clinical screening of medication orders, and improved medication distribution. The system helps facilitate communication among pharmacists, physicians, and nurses to improve the delivery of care to patients. The product suite includes Meta’s physician order entry system, MetaCare CPOE, the MetaCare Rx pharmacy system, the MetaCare eMar point of care medication administration system, and the MetaCare IntelliDocs clinical documentation system.



Meta Healthcare IT Solutions
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Premixed Amiodarone
Baxter’s premixed formulation, Nexterone, does not require admixing making it immediately available for use, while also reducing the risk of medication errors associated with compounding. Amiodarone is currently available in vial forms, but must be manually admixed, even in urgent care situations. With its premixed formulation and two-year room temperature shelf life, Nexterone can be stored in automated dispensing cabinets and ER crash carts, intensive care or critical care units, and is ready to use in acute, time sensitive, and life-threatening situations.

Baxter Healthcare Corporation
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Syringe Labeling System
he Safe Label System SLS 500i from Codonics provides for safe, compliant, and fast labeling of medications anywhere syringes are prepared. In the OR, anesthetists are responsible for the entire medication process, including prescribing, labeling, dispensing, and administering anesthesia. The SLS is FDA 510(K)-cleared and contains a drug formulary that helps integrate clinical pharmacists into the perioperative and operating room team. This system provides pharmacy with greater oversight of drugs used in the OR, ensures syringe-labeling compliance, and helps reduce human error. It can also be used in the pharmacy to prepare TJC-compliant labels for the preparation of syringes and IV bags.

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Wireless Temperature Monitoring
TempSys introduces the G4 wireless enterprise monitoring solution to monitor temperature, particle count, differential air pressure, and other vital parameters for the pharmacy. Each sensor has a 30-day memory backup to prevent data loss, and can also monitor refrigerator or freezer door open and close status—the most common cause of temperature problems. CheckPoint provides full validation and NIST traceable temperature calibration certification. The G4 also integrates with the Fetch Real Time Location System (RTLS) from TempSys to track the location of mobile assets in real time.




CheckPoint by TempSys
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Unit Dose Storage and Dispensing System

PROmanager-Rx from McKesson is a fully automated system for storing and dispensing up to 12,000 doses of manufacturer-packaged unit-dose oral solids. Bar-code-driven robotics scan every dose for safety and accuracy—a prerequisite for bedside scanning. With a footprint of 12 feet by five feet, the PROmanager-Rx can fit in nearly any hospital pharmacy to increase efficiency and reduce time spent on packaging and dispensing verification, allowing pharmacists to spend more time on clinical care.

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Antimicrobial Test
bioMérieux introduces the Etest for antimicrobial susceptibility testing. The Etest provides precise MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration), showing single dilution antibiotic gradient. With a flexible and simple setup, Etest allows testing of individual or multiple drug combinations and has an extensive range of over 100 antimicrobial references that can be classed into four categories: antibiotics, antifungals, antimycobacterials, and resistance phenotype testing.

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Line Tracing Labels



Line Tracing Labels from Medi-Dose/EPS make it easy to label and trace all IV and catheter lines. Pharmacy places the entire label on an IV infusion container. When the medication is administered at the bedside, nursing applies one line label to each end of the tubing, facilitating easy line traces to minimize IV line confusion. A series of new labels have been added to the product line, including labels that alert users to routes of administration and a wide variety of commonly used but potentially dangerous medications. General High Alert Line Tracing labels also are available for medications not already covered by the company’s existing preprinted ones. In addition, a customizable Line Tracing Label, available for laser or thermal printers, lets pharmacists and nurses create their own formats to meet their specific needs.  


Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc
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Training Program for Compounding Hazardous Drugs
Covidien introduces the ChemoPlus Training and Certification Program for compounding hazardous drugs. This new program provides education on safe-handling issues surrounding the occupational exposure of health care workers to hazardous drugs. The program considers recommended guidelines from OSHA, NIOSH, ASHP, and the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) regarding the type and characteristics of equipment to use in order to protect workers during compounding, transport, administration, and disposal. The program will be a combination of self-study guides, Web-based training, and hands on practice in association with each facility’s certifier. Certificates will be awarded to participants upon successful program completion.  


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Automated Dispensing Cabinet
AcuDose-Rx automated dispensing cabinets from McKesson feature the exclusive RightStock system, which automatically optimizes medication inventory levels on a daily basis, tracking actual usage trends to reduce or eliminate costly stock outs. With AcuDose-Rx, nurses are able to retrieve the medications they need, when they need them, while pharmacy maintains control of the medication dispensing process for better medication management and patient care. 

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Unit Dose Packaging Machine
Pearson Medical Technologies announces its new iPackRx Unit Dose Strip Packager powered by m:Print Bar Code Label Printing software. The iPackRx can package up to 60 pills per minute and Pearson’s patented feeder disc enables the machine to package pills of different shapes and sizes using a single disc. The iPackRx can create four package lengths automatically without a tool change and is equipped with a pill drop sensor to ensure that each package contains a pill before advancing to the next package. An onboard image reader confirms the bar code is correct and will scan at the bedside, and the design makes replacing packaging material quick and easy.

Pearson Medical Technologies
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New Injections Available
Pfizer Injectables has added Haloperidol Injection, USP and Vecuronium Bromide for Injection to its growing portfolio of quality generics and medical devices. Haloperidol is available as 5 mg/mL in a 1 mL vial, and Vecuronium Bromide is supplied in 10 mg and 20 mg vials. In addition, Pfizer Injectables is broadening its Vancomycin Hydrochloride for Injection, USP lineup to include a 10 g pharmacy bulk package. Full prescribing Information for these products can be found at

Pfizer Injectables
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Plastic Containers
Health Care Logistics introduces durable plastic trays, lock boxes, and containers ideal for protecting and securing medical devices, equipment, and supplies. In addition to stock items, Health Care Logistics design experts can create custom plastic products built to a pharmacy’s exact specifications, regardless of size, shape, or function. Choose clear plastic for quick content checks, or select from a variety of custom colors to suit any storage and organization needs. Depending on security needs, locks can be added for extra protection. All products can be custom labeled or imprinted with warning information, contact information, or any other message or instructions. 

Health Care Logistics 
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Unit Dose Packaging Machine
Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Corporation and PIA-K Enterprises introduce the FBM-Micro Flexible Blister Machine. This unit dose packaging machine produces class-A blister packages with packaging materials to meet all of your needs, including UV barrier. It is capable of producing up to 60 blisters per minute, and plugs into a standard wall outlet. The FBM-Micro is user friendly, easy to train, and easy to clean.

Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Corporation
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Waste Management Training Program
WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc, PharmEcology Services introduces its complete prescription medication waste management training curriculum. Designed by pharmacists and implementation specialists for either live presentations or computer-based e-Learning systems, this eight-module course provides a training solution for introducing a program, maintaining annual competencies, and orienting new hires. Separate training sessions are designed for pharmacy, nursing, and environmental services. Concepts are illustrated and presented in a clear and concise manner. Coupled with our on-site implementation program, course content is customized to the facility.  

WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc, PharmEcology Services
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IV Preparation Device
The RIVA (robotic IV automation) from Intelligent Hospital Systems is a medical device used by hospital pharmacies to automatically and accurately prepare IV syringes and bags. By automating the preparation of IV syringes and bags, RIVA addresses safety issues for the patient and the pharmacy technician, brings efficiency and effectiveness to the pharmacy, and helps pharmacy overcome the challenges of a changing regulatory environment. RIVA compounds sterile preparations in a self contained USP <797> environment while outputting admixtures in either syringes or bags. The automation of repetitive and complex tasks reduces the incidence of errors and contamination. RIVA can prepare both chemotherapeutic and non-chemotherapeutic doses.




Intelligent Hospital Systems
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