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November 2011
Volume: 8 Number: 11
Articles: 23

pg. 2
Don't Let a Blackout Limit Your Power!
pg. 4
TJC Compliance Challenges
pg. 10
Managing Medical Marijuana in the Health-System Pharmacy
pg. 18
Long-term Budgeting for Pharmacy Automation
pg. 22
Just in Time Compounding for Outpatient Oncology Services
pg. 26
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 28
Leverage Smart Pumps in a Small Hospital Setting
pg. 34
EXP Recall Management Powered by RASMAS
pg. 36
Projecting the Budget Impact of Biosimilars
pg. 42
Unique Safety Requirements for BCMA in the NICU
pg. 50
Automating IV Dose Management
pg. 54
TempTrak from Cooper-Atkins
pg. 56
Implementing IV Robotics in the Pediatric Setting
pg. 60
Pharmacy’s Role in Managing REMS
pg. 66
Impact of Alert Suppression on Pharmacy Order Verification
pg. 68
Avert Inventory Risk with Quality Temperature Control
pg. 78
New at ASHP
pg. 86
Compliance and Cost Savings with 340B Software
pg. 90
The 2011 USP <797> Compliance Study: Additional Results
pg. 104
Assessing Vial Transfer Devices for Handling Hazardous Drugs
pg. 108
Bolster Medication Adherence with IVR Technology
pg. 114
Tips for Effective Environmental Monitoring
pg. 118
When should discharge medication reconciliation occur?
New & Noteworthy

Adverse Events, Inc (AEI) is a service provider that delivers accurate, real-time information on adverse drug events reported to the FDA. AEI uses a unique ... read more

B. Braun announces an alliance with CME America to distribute the BodyGuard line of ambulatory infusion pumps. B. Braun’s customers have access to ... read more

Innovation introduces PharmASSIST OPTIx, an optical counting and imaging technology that allows pharmacies to automate the counting and processing of all ... read more

Blue Thunder Technologies announces its line of Tacky Traxx mats made of an incinerable polyethylene film. Tacky Traxx mats capture dirt and dust from ... read more

The new cleanroom wipe dispenser from Technowipe makes sterile wipes easily accessible for cleaning compounding pharmacy work surfaces and ante-rooms. ... read more

Terra’s compounding cleanrooms are ideal for compounding sterile injectables and other preparations in accord with USP <797> standards. An ... read more

Sentry Air Systems offers complimentary consultation and design of custom pharmacy containment hoods. Options include specific sizing, materials, custom ... read more

Health Care Logistics’ Cabinet Division creates custom and stock pharmacy space solutions that create organized areas leading to greater productivity ... read more

BCR Glove Liners from Berkshire are designed to enhance operator comfort. The liners are made out of 100% continuous filament polyester or nylon and are ... read more

The Cardinal Health Foundation announces the fifth E3 Grant Program, which will award more than $1 million in grant funding to help US hospitals, health ... read more

Holon introduces its Pharmacy Work Flow Manager allowing hospital pharmacies to integrate CPOE into established workflows and centralize all pharmacy orders ... read more

The Lock to Pole IV Lock Box from Health Care Logistics provides drug product protection at a low cost. Made of clear PETG for everyday durability, this ... read more

The DYMO LabelWriter SE 450 enables high-quality label printing in virtually any medical identification application running on Windows, Mac, Linux, or ... read more

EPS announces the addition of a new color to its growing line of Combi-Cap male/female Luer lock closures. Combi-Cap closures offer security and versatility ... read more

Aprexis Health Solutions announces the launch of the Aprexis Platform, a clinically focused software solution for pharmacists and other healthcare providers ... read more

JHP Pharmaceuticals is now offering larger pack sizes for three products commonly used in acute care clinical settings: Adrenalin (epinephrine injection, ... read more

OZtech’s Medication Reconciliation System is a Web-based, fully integrated system that helps hospitals avoid medication errors and comply ... read more

Metro introduces the MetroMonitor dashboard system version 2.0, an intelligent management and monitoring dashboard system for mobile computing workstations. ... read more

The new Attentus S-Mop consists of sterile, lint-free, high-adsorbent, 100% microfiber mop pads; a fluid dispensing handle for your cleaning solution; ... read more

USP <795> non-sterile compounding expert Loyd V. Allen, Jr. and CriticalPoint have teamed up to introduce a new educational program series. This ... read more

CAPS is now delivering the Symbios GOPump—a new pain management product from B. Braun—in a convenient, prefilled form. CAPS can provide the ... read more

MetaCare Enterprise EHR offers the new MetaCare Event Manager, a feature to optimize patient care quality and clinician satisfaction. MetaCare Event Manager ... read more

Contec’s EasyReach cleaning tool is designed for cleaning isolators, LAF hoods, cabinets, and glove boxes. Made of lightweight stainless steel, the ... read more

VHA introduces its PharmaLYNX service enabling hospitals to pursue and implement cost containment strategies for pharmaceuticals. This new automated and ... read more

Sensaphone introduces the Web600, a remote Web-based temperature monitoring system that provides continuous monitoring and reporting of critical temperatures ... read more

ScriptPro introduces the Compact Robotic System (CRS), a robotic prescription dispensing system designed for tight spaces and pharmacies with lower volumes. ... read more

EPS has released four sizes of its Steri-Dropper sterile ophthalmic dispensing containers. A new 10 mL bottle complements the 3 mL, 7 mL, and 15 mL sizes, ... read more

Introducing new HUMICAP temperature and humidity transmitters from Vaisala. These durable and easy to install transmitters offer accurate and reliable ... read more

The new Escort iMiniPlus data logger from CAS Dataloggers is designed for validating remote temperatures for cold chain product storage or transportation. ... read more

Dickson announces the release of the FT520 touchscreen data system. This instrument allows pharmacists to interact with their data via a 4.1˜ x 5.5˜ ... read more

Rubbermaid Medical Solutions (RMS) announces the addition of an adjustable height cabinet to its line of wall-mounted electronic medical record (EMR) workstations. ... read more

Veolia announces its updated Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS) site on This tool offers pharmacists a secure and easy-to-use ... read more

Acute Care’s Pharma brand line of USP <797>-compliant cleanroom disposables continues to expand and now features wholesaler availability ... read more

Using 900 MHz RF connectivity, the EDL-RF2 from Marathon can leverage your wireless RF connection to monitor and document temperature data in a timely ... read more

Baxa announces 50 new upgrades to its DoseEdge pharmacy workflow manager, including features designed specifically for children’s hospitals. ... read more

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