Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Casework and Storage Solutions for the Pharmacy and Cleanroom

November 2013 - Vol.10 No. 11 - Page #70

The FlexModul system from H+H SYSTEM is a pharmacy storage cabinet that provides customizable configurations for ever-changing demands. Trays and drawers are available in various sizes, and pull out for accessibility. Flexible dividers can be added to the trays to allow for adjustable compartment sizes. Trays can be removed from the casework to be exchanged with replenished trays and can unhinge so items placed throughout the tray can be removed easily. The trays are available in grey and clear.


Pharmacy design is a specialty at MMI Systems, a company that has designed more than 3,000 pharmacies since 1986. MMI designs and manufactures integrated products for the evolving pharmacy environment. A full range of workflow design services are offered, as well as a no obligation consultation and review of your current pharmacy.

>From MMI Systems

Polypropylene modular cabinetry from NuAire is manufactured using stress-relieved, fully seam-welded, corrosive-resistant white polypropylene for maximum durability. The walls and floors of the cabinetry are reinforced to maintain structural integrity. The base cabinets with doors have 6-mm flush-mounted access panels; the outer cabinet shell, kick plate, and shelves are 13-mm thick. Sliding wall case doors may use glass, Lexan, or solid polypropylene. NuAire polypropylene casework is designed to conform to a wide variety of unique customer requirements. Modifications, additions, optional accessories, or custom-designed products can be fabricated to meet the specific needs of any storage application.

>From NuAire, Inc

HCL’s pharmacy cabinets and shelving line are flexible, interchangeable, and expandable, making it easy to create organized areas that lead to greater productivity. The modular design allows for reconfiguration as needs, space, and equipment change. Durable materials stand up to rearranging and repurposing, and additional pieces can be ordered at any time to blend with any existing HCL design. Cabinets and shelving are available in stock and as made-to-order designs.

>From Health Care Logistics

modularCaseworks pass-through stainless steel storage is available from Hamilton Sorter for the anteroom. The storage system is crafted as a two-way stainless steel storage unit built into the wall. IV solutions and other supplies can be unpacked by technicians and loaded into the cabinet without entering the anteroom and compromising the air with cardboard or microbial particles. A full line of stainless steel upper and lower cabinets that exceed all Scientific Equipment Furniture Association (SEFA) 8 performance standards is available.

>From Hamilton Sorter

Cleanroom storage cabinets from Terra Universal meet pharmacy requirements for dust-free storage of sensitive samples. The cabinets are made of either transparent acrylic or white polypropylene. A range of heights and shelf configurations accommodate many material sizes, and all models feature durable, spring-loaded hinges and gasketed doors to ensure a tight seal and provide access to the entire storage area. To meet cleanliness requirements, an optional HEPA filter/blower and stand are available. Shelf perforations allow vertical laminar flow of 99.99% particle-free air throughout the storage area.

>From Terra Universal

RxStor from Stewart Systems is a pharmacy storage system that increases efficiency and organization by compacting stored items into a smaller area. The shelf unit stores the fastest moving medications on open shelves in the front of the system while slower moving medications or bulk items are stored behind the quick-pick shelf fronts. Users can access these medications by extending the units.

>From Stewart Systems

Lionville fixtures from Metro offer pharmacy storage solutions that are specifically designed for every area of the pharmacy. The fixtures meet storage needs and maximize efficiency for unit dose, order entry, sterile prep, and other pharmacy areas. In addition, planning consultants with experience in efficient pharmacy workflow offer design expertise.

>From Metro

Modular pharmacies and counter systems from Uniweb provide an integrated, flexible, and functional working environment, engineered to meet the specific needs of hospital pharmacy. The versatile, freestanding modular components are UL-listed with laminate tops and privacy screens. Systems can be matched to your color scheme, and a vast variety of accessory options are available. Storage above and below the work area ensures supplies are conveniently within reach. Exterior preferences can include laminate or Uniweb panels for increased display possibilities.

>From Uniweb Inc

Modular caseworks and specialty cabinets that address infection control are available from Pharmovative. All exposed and unexposed surfaces on the modular casework are sealed to prevent wicking. Convenient removable drawers feature continuous vinyl-wrapped construction to ease cleaning and eliminate openings that invite bacteria. With the powder-coated steel base option, epoxy floor coating may be installed over the toe kick.


Innotech provides a wide range of storage cabinets for hospital pharmacies and cleanrooms. They are constructed of white, powder-coated steel or stainless steel. There are several door material options available, including static dissipative clear PVC, tempered safety glass, or clear acrylic. A HEPA filter option allows for a class 100/ISO 5 environment within the cabinets.

>From Innotech Products

modularCaseworks upper shelves with cantilever brackets from Hamilton Sorter can be easily adjusted to five different positions. The shelves house a built-in slot in the front that accommodates an optional, flexible, flat retainer to prevent products from slipping when on an angle. The shelving can surround a pass-through window from an anteroom to the adjoining cleanroom. These shelves, like all Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks laminate components, offer a green alternative to traditional millwork. The board product is LEED-qualifying and Greenguard-certified, and is composed of 100% recycled/recovered wood fiber.

>From Hamilton Sorter


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