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November 2013
Volume: 10 Number: 11
Articles: 20

Suggested Reading List
pg. 2
Our Chance to Meet Face-to-Face
pg. 4
Centralizing Drug Recall Management
pg. 8
Implement a Pharmacy-Driven ASP
pg. 12
Compete Successfully for Capital Budget
pg. 18
Employ Automation to Increase IV Preparation Safety
pg. 22
InnoStore VC from Pharmovative
pg. 26
Designing an Outpatient Discharge Medication Service
pg. 28
New at ASHP
pg. 32
Outsourced Repackaging
pg. 36
Standardization Drives IV Safety
pg. 42
Leveraging Telepharmacy to Offset Staffing Challenges
pg. 48
Implement a Vaccine Management Program
pg. 56
USP Chapter <797> Consultants
pg. 62
Five Years' Experience with a Compounding Robot
pg. 68
Benefits of a Thorough Formulary Review prior to BCMA
pg. 70
Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Casework and Storage Solutions for the Pharmacy and Cleanroom
pg. 80
Preparing for a State Board of Pharmacy Inspection
pg. 86
Establishing an Investigational Drug Service
pg. 90
Unit Dose Market Watch
New & Noteworthy

FreshLoc Technologies introduces the FreshLoc Particle Counter, a sensor for measuring air quality in process-controlled environments. The sensor measures ... read more

The AES-1000 from Kanomax is a particle monitoring system that provides near real-time stable particle measurements. The measurements cover the equivalent ... read more

The Gri-fill System 3.0 from Grifols USA is a closed-system automated compounding device that automatically reconstitutes solutions and withdraws volumes ... read more

PROmanager-Rx from McKesson is a fully automated robotic solution for the storing, dispensing, returning, and crediting of unit dose oral solid medications. ... read more

The ServeRx Pharmacy Management System from 3AM Technologies offers bedside solutions through the SmartCart, a compact cabinet that allows for automated ... read more

BluePoint Laboratories is a new generic pharmaceutical company for oral solids supplied solely through American Health Packaging. The new product formulary ... read more

The INTEGRA 9570 from Label Vision Systems is a handheld verifier used to analyze and grade linear and 2D bar codes to ISO/IEC and GS1 standards. The product ... read more

ICU Medical presents the Diana automated drug compounding system, an accurate, safe, and efficient system for hazardous and large batch drug preparation. ... read more

ChemoGLO has added methotrexate and platinum analogues to the panel of drugs currently offered in the ChemoGLO Wipe Kit for hazardous drug surface contamination ... read more

Pandora Analytics Software from Omnicell Inc, extracts useful data from medication- and supply-dispensing systems and translates it into interactive dashboard ... read more

Health Care Logistics introduces the Peel \'N\' Go Label Dispenser, a single dispenser that holds up to ten labels on a roll for quick, convenient, single-handed ... read more

Emporos releases Drive-Through Signature, an app in the MerchantSoft Mobile suite of Web-based mobile applications. The app allows users to capture electronic ... read more

Tronex Healthcare announces a new packaging option for its nitrile examination gloves. The powder-free, fingertip-textured exam gloves are now available ... read more

Akro-Mils announces the expansion of its Super-Size AkroBin line of large plastic storage bins with a new mobile kit for bin models 30288, 30289, 30290, ... read more

CAS DataLoggers introduces ECCS I-Plug+ BIO data loggers, which provide a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for temperature monitoring in pharmacies, clinics, ... read more

The KoolTemp Patient Carry Pack from Cold Chain Technologies is a safeguard for short-term travel or intermediate storage of refrigerated prescription ... read more

i.Series and Horizon Series undercounter refrigerators and freezers from Helmer Scientific are available in ADA-compatible models. These models are designed ... read more

RxScan releases VaccineLog, a cloud-based application designed to meet the latest Vaccines for Children and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... read more

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