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November 2013 - Vol. 10 No. 11

See the following Joint Commission Environment of Care (EC), Infection Control (IC), and Medication Management (MM) standards related to recalls:

  • EC.01.01.01 The organization plans activities to minimize risks in the environment of care.
  • EC.02.01.01 (EP11) The organization acts in accordance with product notices and recalls.
  • EC.02.04.01 The organization manages medical equipment risks.
  • EC.02.06.01 The organization establishes and maintains a safe, functional environment.
  • EC.04.01.01 The organization collects information to monitor conditions in the environment.
  • IC.02.02.01 The organization reduces the risk of infections associated with medical equipment, devices, and supplies.
  • MM.05.01.17 The organization follows a process to retrieve recalled or discontinued medications.


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